Business Details

Civil engineering and construction equipment

The civil engineering/construction equipment division provides comprehensive service from manufacturing and sales to leasing and rentals. our more than 70 networks throughout the nation are satisfying all types of customer demands.

Sales of civil engineering/ construction equipment

As a prominent civil engineering and construction equipment trader, Wakita has won a large market share.


  • ・Excavators
  • ・Bulldozers
  • ・Generators
  • ・Air-compressors
  • ・Wheel-loaders
  • ・Rollers
  • ・Pumps
  • ・Housing


Today we are witnessing remarkable technical innovation, and the introduction of new equipment is a serious problem for company management. Rental is a recommended system from the viewpoint of cost reduction.

Wakita is one of the major nationwide rental equipment companies in Japan. Wakita owns more than 30,000 pieces of rental equipment, available at 64 rental stations across in Japan.

Manufacturing of civil engineering/construction equipment

Wakita also manufactures construction equipment. Our "MEIHO" series is well received for easy use that only Wakita can provide based on its expertise at construction sites.


  • ・Generator
  • ・High-pressure washing machine
  • ・Floodlight
  • ・Blower
  • ・Diamond blade
  • ・Rubber crawlers, etc

Exporting used construction equipment

With having over 30 years of experience, we are exporting used construction equipment to the world construction markets, mainly to Asia, USA, Europe, Oceania, Middle East countries.
From April 2015, we started internet auction of used equipment, “WIN Auction”.
We are expanding the export of used equipment by this internet auction as our core business.

Link to “WIN Auction”